Everything still good…

Created the burndown chart today and the scrum wall using spare flipchart paper stuck up on a wall after looking at some ideas on http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com. Everything seems to be running semi smoothly so far, had to fight off some managers wanting to inject work. Also read some interesting stuff on prioritization from a blog post on Scrum 4 You which essentially revolves around a process using relative weight to predict priority.


One of the key success factors of Scrum is a prioritized product backlog. Somehow I thought this might be easy, boy was I wrong. I’m trying to figure out why it is that I cannot get a single prioritized list of work out of business and I came up with these observations:

  • People don’t want to communicate with each other
  • People are not aligned to the common vision/goal
  • People do not understand, or don’t believe in, the value of prioritization
  • IT BA’s are interfering with Business’ prioritization