The new year will bring a plethora of change in my life, a new company, new goals, new challenges, new ideas. I must admit I’m eagerly looking forward to this much like a new astronaut looks forward to his first space flight, nervous excitement I guess would summarize it.

Along with this I’m also a little sad about leaving my current employer. I’ve been instrumental in growing Scrum to where it is at the moment and I have to say that, although there is still alot of room for improvement, it’s just reaching a point of “proving itself” and getting it’s feet, and now I’m leaving. Lets hope the passion I tried to push it with rubbed off and that it will continue to improve on itself and a new champion will step up to fill the gap. The team(s) I worked with have reached a point now where they are reasonably self organized, so there will be no problem there. I think the possible impediments to continued growth of Scrum will be:

  • The lack of a strong ScrumMaster/Coach to protect the team(s) and nurture the process.
  • Inteference from management due to “command and control” culture.
  • Breakup of the existing team(s). Although this may prove useful because they may end up “infusing” the other team members.
  • The warping of the process in order to hide problems.

I’ll have to come around here in a few months to see how things are running…

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