But haven’t we always been working this way?

When I was a kid I had a Commodore 64 with a cassette player, awesome little machine with cool games! I decided I had to write my own game, this is where it all started some 25 odd years ago. I decided I would write a “maze-like” game where an “avatar” would navigate through a maze picking various “gems” and scoring points, that was my goal anyway.

I started by skilling myself up in the basics of, well, BASIC (from books and magazines I had), once I knew enough to do the basics I put code to screen and started churning out lines of code, every now and then I would take a checkpoint and verify that everything still matched my goal…

draw the sprite, done, run and check the results, looks cool, figure out how to move it, done, write to code to make it move, done, run the code and see if it moves as desired, bugs!, change the code to work properly, sweet!

Excellent… time for a break, have something to eat and think about if I could do anything better, nah, the results looked good, was working as well as I had hoped.

I repeated this process until I had a working “game” knocked out. Every time I had a problem I couldn’t overcome I would simply change what I wanted, as long as it matched what I ultimately wanted, a (cool?) game with an avatar moving around a maze and scoring points by picking up stuff…

Sound familiar?

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